Window and Door Products

Wooden Aluminum Window

Wood-aluminum joinery is solidly built. The wooden window, the outer surface of which is covered with aluminum, is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. The low need for maintenance makes these structures stand out.

What is an Aluminum Clad Profile?

In wood-aluminum windows and doors, the outer surface of the laminated wood timber is completely covered with an aluminum profile. The first advantage of this structure is that the profile with composite structure does not need external maintenance. Another advantage is that it preserves the warm wood look that does not lose its vitality.

Superior Features of Wood Aluminum Joinery

Wood-aluminum provides the durability of aluminum against external factors thanks to the superior insulation properties of wood. This wood stays like the first day for years without losing its luxurious look. Together with the triple glazed unit, the wooden aluminum window offers insulation and energy savings in accordance with the internationally accepted "passive house" criteria.

Application Areas and Design

Aluminum-coated wooden profiles do not require paint and maintenance on the outside. Therefore, it is preferred especially in high-rise buildings. We can create many different products from our production options. Choose the one that suits you best among the model, tree type, section, interior and exterior colour, opening and accessories. Electrostatic powder paint is applied to the aluminum profiles in the desired color in accordance with the RAL code. The wooden surface of the joinery is colored with paint or varnish.