Interior Door Products



PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), used on door surfaces, is a plastic that has many uses. It is also the most common and known chemical material used in the manufacture of doors and windows. Since PVC is recyclable, it is a reusable material, so it is environmentally friendly. If you want to give a pattern to the PVC door body, the desired door pattern and shape can be given on the CNC machine. Before the PVC is adhered to the door surface, the pattern must be given on the CNC machine. Then the PVC material is applied to the MDF door surface with the help of heat. No paint is required on PVC door surfaces. PVC panel doors are already patterned and colored. PVC doors can be produced in any size you want as rooms and toilet doors. It is also possible to produce the PVC door as double wing in the requested width. PVC panel door prices are more economical than other door models with natural wood veneer. PVC panel doors are easy to clean, very hygienic and have many pattern options. Installation is also very simple. It is highly resistant to scratches, impacts and even sun rays. It is long lasting. PVC doors are among the doors with the most color alternatives. In addition, it is suitable for use in all areas as interior doors.


Door panels used in American door production; may vary depending on the door model desired to be produced. In addition, these panels are 4 mm thick. It is an MDF panel that applied either patterned or plain in the desired door model. Interior doors can be produced in any dimensions that you requested as room and toilet doors. What’s more, it is possible to produce American doors as double wings in the desired width. American doors are more preferred in terms of prices and variety in model options. It is economical, hygienic, easy to clean, does not contain bacteria and germs and can be painted with any color. Not only American doors are lightweight and easy to install, but American doors are very suitable for indoor use also.


Melamine, which is used in the production of melamine doors, is an organic compound. Melamine is an industrial chemical used in the manufacture of plastics. This material is applied to MDF with heat and thus melamine boards are formed. These plates are used in the production of melamine doors. Melamine door models and colors vary according to the panels used. Melamine door surfaces do not require paint and they are self-colored and patterned. They can be produced in any size as interior doors, room and toilet doors. In addition, it is possible to produce melamine doors as double wings in the desired width. Wood-look melamine doors are more economical than other door models. Thanks to its wood patterns, it adds a real wood look to the door. Melamine doors are easy to clean, hygienic and decorative. Installation is easy. It is highly resistant to sunlight, scratches and even impacts when compared to other door models. It is long lasting. Melamine door models are suitable for use in all areas indoors. If you want to increase the soundproofing and flame resistance of such doors, please keep in mind that the materials used in production may differ.


Lacquer is a glossy chemical furniture polish. It can be colored or colorless. The smoothness of the lacquer application can transform a simple piece of wood into a magnificent piece of furniture. Lacquered door surface can be raw MDF flat panel. It can also be a panel that has been patterned on a CNC machine. It can be produced in any size as a room or toilet door. It is possible to produce with frame glass, cage glass, single wing or double wing in desired width according to model and pattern alternatives.

One of the most important stages in the production of lacquered doors is priming and sanding. Lacquered doors are more economical and stylish than furniture-looking door models. Lacquered doors are healthier because they do not interact with the air. They are hygienic and always easy to assemble. Especially a panel door painted with lacquer paint is much easier to clean than others. It is resistant to sun rays, scratches and even impacts. It is long lasting. It can be applied in white or other colors. It is suitable for use in all areas as an interior door. Wooden veneered doors and interior doors used in residential buildings are mostly made of wood and wood-derived veneer materials. Timbers are brought to desired cross-sections by carpentry machines. Wood veneer forms the skeleton of the doors. Wood veneer doors have been used in the interiors of buildings for a long time. In these types of doors, after the grille is formed, MDF panels are placed inside the carcass. Natural veneers are adhered to MDF with special processes. This is how the final surface used in wood-coated doors is obtained.